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Puppies need their own cozy place to be safe when you are away at work, out shopping, or just need some downtime. A crate is highly recommended and can be invaluable for training your puppy. They come in all shapes, sizes, and costs vary widely.

What Your Dog Needs


  • A collar and leash. Some breeds do better with a harness as well. 

  • An ID tag for your dog's collar.

  • Food and water bowls.

  • Our puppies eat Purina Pro Plan and your puppy goes home with a three-day supply of food so you can enjoy your first few days worry-free. We recommend you continue to feed your puppies with our food of choice.

  • NuVet Supplements.

  • Baby gate(s) or an exercise pen.

  • All puppies chew. Especially, as they lose their baby teeth.

  • A dog brush and nail trimmer. Start grooming and nail trimming as puppies and you will be able to make it a simple and easy life-long part of their care.

  • Soft treats for training.

  • A Veterinarian you can trust.

  • Lots of love.

*Your puppy will be microchipped and you will be given instructions on how to register your microchip through AKC Reunite.

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Bringing your puppy home is very exciting. But before you do, there are some things you should prepare for. Puppies are very curious and going someplace new, is all about exploring. So to keep puppies safe, here are a few tips to help puppy-proof home before they arrive.




  • Electrical cords should be tied up and not left on the floor to be chewed.

  • Put all shoes away or they will be chewed on.

  • anything small that they can get into their mouth will be chewed and swallowed.

  • Make the switch to kitchen garbage cans with lids. Don't forget your bathrooms. these are so easy for puppies to get into.

  • Use baby gates to keep puppies confined to areas that are okay for them to be in until your puppy is ready (potty-trained) to be everywhere you want to go.

  • Check your backyard for hazards and make sure puppy has a safe and secure area to play.

Registering Your Puppy

We have naming themes so we ask all our puppy families to follow our themes when registering our purebred puppies. But you can call your puppy by any name. So if you wanted to call-name (their everyday name) your puppy, KEVIN, go ahead.

We offer two types of AKC registration, Full Registration which is reserved for Puppies with showing potential and Limited Registration which is for Pet Only Homes.

Your purebred puppy isn't the only dog that can be registered with the AKC. You can register your mixed breed with the AKC Canine Partners program. Now your non-pedigree dog(s) can participate in some of the exciting AKC dog sports like agility or rally and earn certain titles for their achievements.

The American Kennel Club also has a Name Finder to help you find the perfect call name. You can find it here.

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